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Swinburne's discretion

Throughout our 100 year history, Swinburne has shown a commitment towards innovative education, strong industry engagement and social inclusion. In recent years we have become one of the worlds’ leading universities.

We focus on high-quality, engaged teaching and research, across science, technology and innovation. It is imperative that this teaching and research makes a difference in the lives of individuals and contributes to national economic and social objectives. Read about how we've supported science-based education in Uganda.

You can make a difference by making a donation to Swinburne’s Discretionary fund today.

Making a discretionary gift

Gifts from our generous donors help us to build upon this ambitious program of research and education.

A discretionary gift enables us to freely continue our work in research and education. It gives us the autonomy to determine the area of most value for your gift. Our highest priority is equal education and opportunity for everyone. 

We review our discretionary fund’s priorities annually to ensure that your generous donations have maximum impact and support our most important areas of need.

Professor Linda Kristjanson, Vice-Chancellor and President

Swinburne is inspiring future generations and changing lives

Professor Linda Kristjanson, Vice-Chancellor and President