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Earthquake engineering

The earthquake engineering research group develops new knowledge, advanced tools and innovative technology for enhancing earthquake safety and resilience, contributing to the sustainability of the built environment and the society.

Earthquakes resulted in an annual average of over 20,000 deaths worldwide in the 20th century and the number continues to surge. Increasing earthquake risk, especially in the more vulnerable Asia Pacific nations, is a major concern globally as it threatens the world’s population, economy, and sustainable development. Australia is best suited geographically for taking on this challenge to contribute to the global efforts on seismic risk reduction.

Multi-Axis Substructure Testing (MAST) System

The earthquake engineering research group uses Australia's first hybrid testing facility – the Multi-Axis Substructure Testing (MAST) system – for experimental evaluation of varieties of structures. The facility provides a powerful tool for three-dimensional simulation of full-scale structures under seismic load through quasi-static and local/distributed hybrid simulation experiments.

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Please refer to staff profiles for details of our recent projects and postgraduate opportunities.

Our staff

Group leader

Dr Hing-Ho Tsang

Group staff

Professor Emad Gad
Professor John Wilson
Dr Javad Hashemi
Dr Robin Kalfat
Dr Pathmanathan Rajeev
Dr Hing-Ho Tsang