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Data and Democracy

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Date: Thursday 2 July 2020
Venue: Webinar

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Presented by the Social Innovation Research Institute

A community Data CO-OP is a form of collaboration in which participants pool data and data capabilities. It provides insights into social challenges, helping identify better outcome measures to support vulnerable communities.

Swinburne University of Technology has formed a Data CO-OP with Australian National University, Griffith University, The University of Melbourne, The University of Tasmania, Research Data Australia, ADA, APO, AURIN, Trove, and partners with international experts such as The GovLab at New York University.

To mark the launch of the Swinburne Community Data CO-OP Platform, we invite you to attend our webinars on data collaboratives.

Nick Byrne, technology entrepreneur and founder of TypeHuman, will discuss the significance of data in relation to keeping or re-making contemporary democracy. Nick will discuss the implications of who owns, holds and ‘knows about’ data and will emphasise the role of the citizen in knowing about their data, owning their data and understanding and controlling what is done with their data. Nick will explore how we can push the boundary beyond ‘data for social good’ done unto people by governments, NGOs, universities and (even!) corporates, to how citizens themselves can decide and participate in how their data is used and for what purposes.