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Astronomy in the Classic Maya Period

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Date: Thursday 14 September 2017
Venue: VR Theatre, AR104 Hawthorn Campus

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Guest Speaker

Professor Javier Mujeto, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras

Dr. Javier Mejuto, a professor of Cultural Astronomy at the National Autonomous University in Honduras (Central America), conducting ethnographic work with Indigenous communities of Central America and archaeoastronomical fieldwork in southern Europe and Mesoamerica.

About the event

The Mayan Classic period (250-900 CE) is recognised as the height of the arts, architecture and urbanism for the Maya, particularly in terms of astronomical knowledge. Observations of the celestial landscape arise in sculptures, buildings, calendars, numbering, writings and all Mayan cultural expressions. This talk will explore the site known as Copan Ruinas - a crucible of outstanding architecture and symbolic language that shows the role of time and cosmos in the religion, rituals, and social ends of the Maya people.

This seminar is hosted by the Indigenous Studies Group and the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing.