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Date: Monday, 17 February, 2020
Venue: Building EW, Room 110, Hawthorn Campus

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Established in 1890, Prosper Australia derives from the radical, nineteenth-century ‘Single Tax’ movement. Today, we conduct research and educate decision-makers and the general public in the economics of land. This talk will cover the research and advocacy we have undertaken in recent years including:

  • The promotion of land value capture for transport infrastructure funding; 
  • ‘speculative’ vacancies in Melbourne
  • rezoning windfall gains policy,
  • the efficiency and progressivity of site value only council rates. 

CUTransitions Talks are lunchtime learning sessions held at the Centre for Urban Transitions, Swinburne Hawthorn Campus. If you would like to register your interest in presenting your work in our weekly Talks, please contact Dr Iris Levin on

Speaker: Emily sims

Emily Sims is Director of Engagement and planning spokesperson at Prosper Australia. She holds a Master’s of Urban Planning from Melbourne University. Her minor thesis looked into the rezoning windfalls at Fishermans Bend. Recently, Emily has spearheaded one of Prosper’s flagship advocacy projects to improve literacy around value capture models for public transport infrastructure funding.