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The Psychology of Ageing

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Date: Wednesday, November 27th, 2019.
Venue: Building AGSE, Room 202, Hawthorn Campus

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The Australian population is ageing. There are now more adults aged 65 year or older in our community than ever before. By 2050, 25% of Australians will be classified as older. What does it mean to have quality of life as we age? What are the solutions to a happier late life? What are the challenges of ageing? We now know that relationships and purpose are as important as diet and exercise for improving and maintaining psychological health in ageing. This public seminar summarises the research on the psychology of ageing with the aim of answering one question:  “What makes people happier in late life?” 


Sunil Bhar, PhD is a Professor of Psychology at Swinburne University of Technology. He chairs the Department of Psychological Sciences. He also directs the Wellbeing Clinic for Older Adults and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders Program at the Swinburne Psychology Clinic. He runs an active research lab focusing on the emotional wellbeing of older adults and the mechanisms of reminiscence and cognitive-behavioural therapies. He has won over $2 million in grants to examine the wellbeing of older adults living in residential aged care settings. He is a diplomate of the Academy of Cognitive Therapies, having spent 4 years working with Aaron Beck, MD investigating the efficacy of cognitive therapy for suicide prevention. Dr Bhar has maintained a clinical practice for over 20 years, and integrates clinical experience into his ongoing teaching and research activities.

Contact Information: Julian Oldmeadow
Email: Tel: 03 9214 5962