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Mindfulness: The Psychology of Being Present

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Date: Thursday, November 7th, 2019.
Venue: Building AGSE, Room 202, Hawthorn Campus

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How can embracing impermanence help us to live well? And how can living mindfully give real value to our lives? Accompanied by a presentation of research evidence on the impact of mindfulness on psychological wellbeing, this event also examines how one young Australian – John Beaton, a writer, photographer, and software engineer – embraced the transience of life and made the most of his “brief but brilliant” years. We hope that guests will leave this public lecture with new knowledge and skills for living well.

This event offers three linked parts:

  • An exhibition of photography by John Beaton, displayed in the foyer.
  • An academic talk, “The Psychology of Being Present.”
  • A creative reading and discussion of John Beaton’s writing and life, with accompanying pieces by his sister, poet and novelist Elizabeth Beaton.

Contact Information: Julian Oldmeadow
Email: Tel: 03 9214 5962