Mental health programs for aged care residents: An overview of the current and future landscape

Date: Friday, 29 November 2019
Time: 8.30am - 4.30pm
Venue: EN102 Hawthorn Campus
Full Fee: $ $35.00
Early Bird: $ $25.00
Student: $ $25.00

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The Swinburne University Wellbeing Clinic has been operating for nearly 10 years. We have learnt much about mental health care practices within residential-aged-care communities, and are proud to host this forum to showcase the best ideas we have encountered.

The forum will provide an overview of the different programs that are offered to maintain psychological wellbeing among elders living in care.

It aims to bring together researchers, clinicians, volunteers, students, residential-aged-care staff, policy makers, local governments, families and older adults to hear about the latest and most innovative mental health programs that are being rolled out across Australia.

The purpose of the forum is to bring together the aged-care community to hear about and generate innovative and evidence-based mental health services for our elders living in care.

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Contact Information: Toun Alabi

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