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Centre for Transformative Innovation seminar: Intellectual property implications of 3D printing

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Date: Thursday 05 March 2015
Venue: Library Conference Room, Level 3 Hawthorn Campus

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The Centre for Transformative Innovation invites you to a seminar on 'Intellectual property implications of 3D printing' presented by Dr Dinusha Mendis, Bournemouth University. 

A legal and empirical study into the intellectual property implications of 3D printing: Research findings, conclusions and recommendations

Dr Mendis will discuss the research carried out for the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) Commissioned Project on the Intellectual Property (IP) Implications of 3D printing, which was completed in January 2015.

In 2012, the Big Innovation Centre (UK), in their report Three Dimensional Policy: Why Britain needs a policy framework for 3D Printing provided a number of recommendations. A key recommendation was to review the intellectual property implications of 3D printing. While a number of academics have examined the implications for IP law as a result of the recent proliferation of 3D printing, there is a lack of empirical evidence to determine whether this emerging technology will have an impact on IP laws. At the same time, there is limited research on the impact of 3D printing on IP law in the industrial sector. The existing literature does not sufficiently indicate the extent, use and regulation of 3D printing in the replacement parts, customised goods and high-value small status goods sectors.

Responding to this limited research, the presentation will focus on a two-part study carried out for the UKIPO reflecting a legal, quantitative and qualitative approach. The presentation will give an insight into the new data and findings on the exploration of online platforms dedicated to 3D printing as well as its impact in selected industries.

Guest speaker

Dr Dinusha Mendis, Associate Professor in Law, Bournemouth University, UK

Dr Mendis specialises in digital aspects of intellectual property law, in particular copyright law having gained her PhD from the University of Edinburgh in this field. Dr Mendis’s recent projects have included considering the challenges to intellectual property rights (IPRs) as a result of emerging technologies, such as the IP implications of 3D printing (3DP).

Her work in this area has included one of the first peer-reviewed academic articles to be published in the field of 3DP and IP law, which has also been cited widely. The impact of the research in this area has also led to an international broadcast for the BBC and the research carried out so far has paved the way towards independent research as well as collaborative funded project.

Dr Mendis’s most recent project in the IP implications of 3D printing was a commissioned study for UKIPO. The outputs from this project (two reports and an executive summary) will be published in early 2015.

Sandwich lunch will be provided.

Contact Information: Tracy Lee