A National Science Week event.

Hosted By Dr Bita Zaferanloo, lead of Shaping STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) Futures at Swinburne, join us for an inspiring discussion focussed on STEM communication and leadership.

In this session, Dr Dana Rezazadegan, a nominated Superstar of STEM in 2020. Will share her inspiring career journey. This will follow with a Women in STEM panel in collaboration with the Women in STEM club. Featuring, Dr. Emily Cook, Senior Lecturer in STEM Education teaching in the Department of Mathematics at Swinburne, Emily Zaborski, an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, and Manager Platform Services at IAG and our STEM student leaders, the discussion aims to inspire students to become STEM communicators.

Topics discussed
  • Technology - What does the changing role of technology mean for women in STEM?
  • Women in STEM 2050 - what does the ideal future look like?
  • Contribution to sustainability - What will be the role of Women in STEM and what are the opportunities?
  • Women as STEM leaders and future careers - What unique qualities do women bring to STEM leadership and future careers?

This event would suit any student with an interest in multidisciplinary communication and leadership is encouraged to attend.

STEM Infographic competition (Swinburne students)

This the first workshop in the STEM Infographic competition for Swinburne students. By taking part in the competition, students will form multidisciplinary teams to produce an infographic solution to unpack a real-world sustainability problem, increase community knowledge, encourage women into STEM careers, and make the world a safer place. Additional workshops will follow, including Adobe training to produce the infographic, research of sustainability issues, and data collection and visualization. The competition will enhance communication and digital literacy skills and build employability for students from different disciplines.

Event contact

Dr Bita Zaferanloo

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