Presented by Prof Richard Osborne, Centre for Global Health and Equity.

Facilitated by Prof Gavin Lambert, Iverson Health Innovation Research Institute.

Join us in the research journey, from idea to global impact, where Swinburne’s Health Literacy Development Program collaborated with the World Health Organization (WHO) to generate a Global Public Health Good.

The Centre for Global Health and Equity created, tested, and implemented public health methods that have direct and wide impact on health and equity and improve the quality and usability of research of fellow scientists for health services and governments. The presentation will address the following questions with opportunities for discussion:

  • How does the Centre generate research outputs that become applied in low, middle and high income countries?
  • How to balance the need for academic rigour with meeting the needs of community members, practitioners and policymakers?
  • What are the principles that generate needed, wanted, effective and scalable public health innovations?

You will hear about the Centre’s inspirational research and global engagement journey, including how it has generated many widely used products and tools. Our team is driven by a human-rights based ethical framework, an imperative for real-world success, especially among groups who are usually left behind and experience disadvantage, stigma and marginalisation. The Centre’s work is a global health priority because health and wellbeing remain out of reach for billions of people globally.


Distinguished Professor Richard Osborne
NHMRC Principal Research Fellow, Director, Centre for Global Health and Equity, Swinburne

Professor Gavin Lambert
Director, Iverson Health Innovation Research Institute, Swinburne

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