Presented in collaboration with the Moondani Toombadool Centre.

This session is designed to give you practical advice around ensuring that the appropriate guidelines are considered, an understanding of how applications are reviewed by an expert consultant to the ethics committee and a researcher’s perspective on preparing an application.

The session will cover

  • Applying for ethics approval for Indigenous-related research; experiences and advice for researchers – Moondani Toombadool Centre Academic Director (Indigenous Research) and IRC Chair, Dr Sadie Heckenberg
  • Experiences of a content expert reviewer for the ethics committee – SUHREC review panel expert, Dr Andrew Peters 
  • Ethics resources and advice for researchers engaged in Indigenous-related research – SUHREC Chair, Prof Paula Swatman

Please prepare your questions for the panel! There will be ample time after the session for you to pose your questions to the panel. 

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