Iron and steel play a crucial role in the modern world. On average, 1.9 tonnes of CO2 are emitted for every tonne of steel produced. According to the International Energy Agency, the iron and steel industry accounts for approximately 6.7% of total world CO2 emissions.

As we transition to a hydrogen economy, hydrogen offers a promising option in decarbonising the steel industry. In this presentation, Dr Admmad will outline the possible routes to decarbonise the steel industry and the technoeconomic of hydrogen integrated steel manufacturing. 


Dr Shahabuddin Ahmmad is a postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Victorian Hydrogen Hub (VH2) within Swinburne University of Technology. Before commencing his current role, he worked as a postdoctoral research associate for Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain (HESC) and waste recycling projects at Federation University and University of New South Wales, Australia.

Currently, he is primarily working on integrating hydrogen energy in power, manufacturing industries (i.e., iron & steel), and transport, including technoeconomic and life cycle assessment (LCA). Additionally, his research focuses on hydrogen generation, storage, and CO2 capture & utilisation.

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