The 2007 global financial crisis has had a strong impact on housing in many countries, especially in the form of evictions and unaffordability, which are leading to important changes not only economic, but also territorial and values. In this vein, housing tenures have been a field for innovation. UNECE and the New Urban Agenda recommend housing tenure diversification to avoid high dependence on a single one, such as homeownership. Thus, reforms in law of tenancies have taken place in many European countries, as well as reforms to increase (Southern European countries) or decrease (Northern European countries) social housing stocks and more attention is being paid in the creation and development of “intermediate tenures” such as the shared ownership and the cooperatives. In this context, though, many countries are facing a so-called “housing tenures conundrum” in form of unaffordability, instability or undesirability.

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Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre-Aznar, Ph.D, M.Phil. (Cantab.)
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