Engineering Practice Academy

Our vision

The Engineering Practice Academy is a collaborative community of staff, students, industry, and alumni. 

It is a dynamic engineering education practice that challenges convention, engages, and empowers its members and partners to improve the quality of life through inspired engineering. 

We achieve this through a set of shared beliefs, principles and practices that: 

  • develop engineers suited for the unknowns of 21st century engineering practice;
  • embody and advocate sustainability;
  • celebrate being and becoming professionals;  
  • embrace and promote diversity and inclusion; and 
  • re-imagine and transform engineering education.
Dr Llew Mann, Associate Dean, Learning Innovation - Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology

We believe in a diverse and inclusive workplace. That's why we're looking for projects and experiences from all across the profession. Join us and together we can make a positive impact on the future of engineering.


Director of STEM Transformations, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology