Welcome to the MyLEAD survey

What is MyLEAD?

MyLEAD (Leadership in Engagement and Academic Development) is a survey that collects information about your approach and attitude to learning and can help you improve the way you learn and provide you with resources to make you a more effective student.

The survey is made up of 4 separate modules, each taking around 10-15 minutes to complete. Each module can be completed separately.

The first module helps you understand academic motivation:

  • Your motivation style
  • How you learn
  • Self-directed learning

The second module captures important learning resources such as tendency to procrastinate, planning, adaptability, and mindfulness.

The third module captures information in relation to your well-being and how you view the quality of your life.

The fourth module captures information about your employability and focuses on:

  • The skills and abilities that you have gained
  • How you approach and manage your career development