Progressing to further study

Further study can help you to reach your career goals faster. Find out about the benefits of continuing at Swinburne, how to fund it and how to take the next step.

Why further study?

An additional qualification can help you earn more money, give you a competitive advantage in the jobs market over others in your intended field, or help you to change your career direction. Specifically: 

  • median salaries for postgraduates in full-time employment can be up to 50% higher than that of an undergraduate - (Graduate Careers Australia, 2015)
  • more double-degree graduates are in full-time employment within four months of course completion than graduates with a single qualification - (Graduate Careers Australia, 2015)
  • in an ever more competitive jobs market, additional qualifications help you to stand out from other candidates and demonstrate to employers your commitment to your chosen career.

Types of course

Your options for further study depend on the course you are currently in and the kind of commitment you wish to make in the future. Any academic credit you might be entitled to will also have a bearing on the course you can take. If you are currently studying for a diploma, your next step could be an advanced diploma or undergraduate degree. Students coming to the end of their undergraduate degree may be thinking of a graduate certificate or master degree.

Academic support

The academic requirements in an undergraduate degree can be different to those in a vocational education course. If you'd like to build your confidence in essential areas such as maths, assignment-writing and referencing, we can support you with your skills development.

Further study costs

Money shouldn't get in your way if you want to continue your studies. You may be eligible for one or more options to defer or reduce course fees:

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