Jainam | Law

Placed at: Nissan and Cummins

Jainam Sheth, Engineering/Law student at Swinburne University

I started my studies at Swinburne in a double degree, Engineering (Civil) and Business, but when the Bachelor of Laws course was offered in 2015, I jumped at the chance to pursue the unusual pairing of Engineering/Law in my second year.

Law students need to complete three separate 20-day work placements throughout their degree, and this was the first time I had the chance to gain professional experience.

The fact that I'm studying a Law/Engineering double degree means I bring an extra level of knowledge and ability to my law placements.

I’ve worked in law firms and patent attorney firms like Phillips Ormond Fitzpatrick and Parke Lawyers, and also done placements with in-house legal teams at Nissan and Cummins – a global company that designs and manufactures engines and power generation products.

As an engineering student I have a head start in understanding that industry, which can help tie legal knowledge to real world situations.

I had originally considered engineering as my main pathway, with law as a complement, but the further I go in law, the more I’m interested in a legal career. It would be ideal if I could eventually use my legal knowledge in an industry setting, e.g. patents work in an engineering company.

It really has been amazing to be able to interact with partners and other experienced people in law firms and other settings – I've learnt so much.