Professional Placement at The Data Experience testimonial

GABRIELE: I decided to do a professional placement as it was always in my plan throughout university. I chose to work at the Data Experience because it allowed me to mix psychology which is my major and business which I have always had a very big interest in. I learnt lots of things like stakeholder management, facilitation methods. I learnt how to train people, which is a big step for me.

ISACC: Before I began my placement I expected to learn a lot about how an organisation works and the dynamics of your day to day life. I was also looking forward to the experience it would add on my resume. Placements is actually why I came to Swinburne. So at the moment I am working on building a data source for our client’s executive reporting management tool. Within my project specifically I have been working a lot with finance data. The biggest challenges has been understanding that data. Coming from a physics background I've then had to learn a lot of finance technical jargon.

MICHELE: The Data Experience is a data consultancy based at Swinburne. We work with businesses to help them understand and use their data in whole new ways. We recruited students from a number of different faculties and we find their ability to learn, and adapt and take on new ideas really exciting. Working with Swinburne Professional placements is a unique opportunity and to start building those relationships early so you get the best candidates for your roles.