Fergus | Civil Engineering and Finance

Placed at: Metro Trains

My role was as an Undergraduate Engineer with Metro Trains on a 12-month placement. I performed tasks relating to fault identification, risk mitigation and project planning for asset renewals.

I’m very grateful to have worked with such a friendly team, and I also found rail engineering to be extremely interesting. Walking through the Melbourne underground rail loop was very cool and also taking a ride in a tamping machine (used to tamp railway tracks) was an interesting experience. Rail engineering involves many facets of engineering and provides plenty of topics to discuss and learn. It is great for people who enjoy learning new things continuously.

I have been lucky enough to work on multiple jobs independently, and in teams, that have resulted in outcomes which I felt proud to accomplish. I also expanded my computing knowledge while automating a data reclassification job that once took a team of three people a couple of days to complete. I was able to complete the job by myself in approximately half a working day with a reduced chance of human error.

Placements are great for networking, and will most definitely lead to me becoming more employable.

As part of my training, I completed a time management course and it has dramatically changed the way I manage tasks and my life in general.