Catherine | Psychophysiology

Placed at: Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Catherine, who did a placement at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

My placement was as a Research Assistant with the Department of Cancer Experiences Research at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Initially, I didn’t believe such an intense, hands-on program would suit my learning style or my personality. But, when I was asked to extend my placement from 6 months to 12 months, I accepted the offer without hesitation.

I realised my initial expectation of what a placement would involve wasn’t entirely true. While there was a lot of hands-on work involved, I also received a huge amount of support and guidance along the way.

I believe that forcing myself to step out of my comfort zone has taught me how to adapt to change and has prepared me for the changes I will face in the future.

During my time at Peter Mac, I was fortunate enough to be involved in setting up our research trial processes, testing the procedures we had put in place, and finally being able to implement our team’s hard work as we began the participant recruitment phase.

I worked amongst an amazing team of professionals who kindly provided advice and support regarding potential career options and pathways I can take to achieve my goals. I now feel much more secure about what my future may hold regarding further study and a potential career in the world of research.

My advice to those who are unsure as to whether they should take part in the placements program is to take the leap. Before my placement commenced, I was nervous, easily overwhelmed and I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do regarding my career.

Now that my placement has ended, I feel confident, I have a plan in place for my future, and I have undoubtedly been prepared with enough knowledge and experience to enter the workforce.