Alex | Civil Engineering

Placed at: City of Yarra

Portrait of Alex Choido

I decided to apply for a professional placement in order to gain practical industry experience in engineering. Professional experience is something employers value, so I thought I’d make the most of the opportunity whilst I am still studying.

I completed my professional placement at the City of Yarra. I chose the City of Yarra because it offered a rotation program that could provide me with a range of different experiences.

My role varied depending on which department I was working within at the time. In the Traffic team, I assisted in the design of a Traffic Treatment. In Construction and Development I assisted in assessing; new vehicle crossings, Construction Management Plans and Utility Consent referrals.

I gained the ability to interpret and assess engineering drawings. I liaised with developers, contractors, engineers, architects, and other departments within the organisation to assist my team with positive project outcomes.

I was involved in real-world projects and was given on-site experience. The placement really helped to build my confidence and communicate effectively with my team, other internal and external stakeholders.

The City of Yarra’s work culture was very supportive and helpful, which are all key qualities that have helped me get the most out of the placement. Also, I received great help from my academic supervisor who responded quickly to emails that I sent regarding WIL assignments.

The placement will help provide context to all the things we learn at university.

It has helped me realise how the skills we learn at university can be applied in a real-world context. I also think it will definitely help me get a full-time job because I’ve had a range of different experiences working in diverse teams across different areas of Council.

I would recommend students to undertake a professional placement because there are many skills that you will learn that can’t be taught or effectively developed at university. Also having professional work experience before you graduate is something employers would value when applying for full-time work.