'A student perspective' transcript

Peter Humphrey

Hi, I'm Peter Humphrey and I study a Bachelor of Design and Digital Media.

I'm from Tassie, I moved up two years ago to study at uni here.

LAS is a learning program which has been really useful for me during my essay writing and English skills. It's something that has supported me when I've gone in and been really helpful and encouraging, and tells me why I should be changing things and not just telling me I should because it's better.

I'd really love to improve on my English, I think English is fairly necessarily to not feel embarrassed or be worried about whether I'm spelling or doing the right thing. I'm quite worried about the group sessions. I reckon they'll be good, I reckon it'll be informative, it's something that I'm a little stressed over.

It'll be interesting to see how they do the group sessions, but the one on one sessions have always been very good.

Barbara Browne

Hi, my name's Barbara, and I'm one of the advisors that works at the Learning and Academic Skills Centre. My role there is to provide academic support to the students who are studying at Swinburne.

LAS offers quite a range of services. We offer academic and learning advice. We also provide support with math, statistics and physics; Word, Excel and Powerpoint, so that students can produce professional looking reports and essays.

We provide language support for international students, and English as second language students so that they can enhance their grammar, listening, speaking, writing skills.

A lot of work with in-text referencing, and reference lists. So there's a huge range and of course every student has individual issues and we're always happy to look at those. We run both group and individual sessions, the group are different but generally there, we'll look at an issue and if it were a workshop for an example, we might look at a particular, I'd explain the issue, what we're doing, and then I always like to give students the opportunity to actually practice because without hands-on experience, I think it's really quite difficult to learn.

With individual students, it very much depends on what problem or issue the student has, but we'll sit down and talk about it with them, go through it and then explain ways the student can improve things. At LAS we cater for basically all the students that are at the university. We have offices at Croydon and Wantira, and at Hawthorn, the best way to find out what's going on at LAS is just to keep checking on the website all the time. Anything that is happening, we always have that up on the website. Also to keep a check on Facebook and Twitter as well, we provide information there.

Peter Humphrey

The individual consult was quite good, it was relaxing, it was nice to just talk through like what I'd done right and what I'd done wrong and get encouraged by the fact that I'd improved from last time and that I was on the right path and there were things I was starting to grab hold of compared to last time which was really good. We looked at some of the things that I really struggled with while going through that essay. I said I really struggle with my structure, using the correct words and paragraph structure and sentence structure, and using the correct language for the essay.

It's good to hear difference people's views and like, more ways things should be written and what works and what doesn't. I would definitely come back with my next essay that I have to do.