Develop your programming and computer networking skills

Students studying Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology (FSET) units can access the Programming Help Desk and the Computer Networks Help Desk.

Programming Help Desk

The Programming Help Desk assists students studying FSET units. To find out when tutors are available for your units, check the help desk timetable at ATC620 or in Blackboard.

Location: Advanced Technologies Centre, 6th floor (ATC620). 

Opening hours: Monday to Friday during semester, usually 10.30am – 7pm; times vary, so check the timetable available at ATC620 and in Blackboard.

Computer Networks Help Desk

The Computer Networks Help Desk assists students studying introductory networking units. It runs from Week 5 of semester till Semester exams, with varied hours during holiday periods; please check the timetable in Blackboard for details.

Location: Advanced Technologies Centre (ATC), 3rd floor (ATC330)

Opening hours: Two 3 hour weekly sessions during the semester and four 3 hour sessions during the mid-semester break and the SWOTVac period. Times vary, please refer to the timetable in Blackboard