Apply for a short-term partner program – direct place

If you participate in a short-term partner program, you must select and apply for an appropriate program, gain approvals from your faculty and submit an application for academic credit if you are eligible.

Follow these steps to apply for a short-term partner program:

  1. Conduct research on your program of interest, including the academic content, cost and application process. You will usually need to pay a fee to the partner organisation directly, instead of Swinburne, so make sure you understand what the fee covers.

  2. Get a proposed study plan [PDF 45KB] approved by your course coordinator that clearly indicates if you will gain any credits (if any) for your short-term partner program experience.
  1. Apply online with Swinburne Abroad. Make sure you upload your study plan along with your acceptance letter/email from the partner institution or organisation. This step is also required if you're applying for an OS-HELP loan or a scholarship.

  2. Contact the relevant partner institution and apply directly to them.

  3. Organise travel and insurance and depart.

  4. When you return, submit your transcript to the Swinburne Abroad office to finalise credit/exemptions (if applicable).

Please note: students who participate in a short-term partner program will not be enrolled at Swinburne for the duration of the short-term partner program. Please be aware of any implications if you are receiving Centrelink payments.