Swinburne Abroad Application deadlines

The following deadlines are for Swinburne students who wish to apply for a student exchange.

Exchange semester
Hong Kong, 
Japan, UK, USA, Canada
Asia, Europe, South America
Swinburne Sarawak
Semester 1 15 July 15 September 15 November
Semester 2 15 January 31 March 30 June

Required by application deadline:

Approved study plan, completed online application and portfolio (if applicable).


  • The above dates are Swinburne Abroad internal deadlines which in most cases fall a few weeks prior to the actual partner deadline. There are exceptions to this however, where some countries have earlier deadlines than most countries in their region, so we strongly advise that you check the host institution website and the partner information page on our website, to find out the application deadline for the institution you’re interested in.
  • Each partner institution has their own application deadline.
  • Once our internal deadlines have passed, we will start to process your application and this is the time when you will first hear from us.