Apply for exchange

To apply for exchange, submit an application to Swinburne Abroad.

1.  Obtain a copy of your course planner
2. Research where you’d like to go and suitable subject selection:
  • Which universities are located in your preferred country?
  • Does the location teach courses in English?
  • Does the location have courses in your discipline?

Important: Partners in the US, UK, Japan and Hong Kong may have very limited places. Swinburne Abroad often has more students than places for these destinations. You are strongly encouraged to choose a 2nd and 3rd preference outside of these regions. Selection will be based on merit.

3.  Refer to the overseas partner credit transfer table to assist you with credit equivalencies at our partner institutions.

Submit your completed proposed exchange study plan, along with your course planner and details of the units you wish to study to the Global Mobility Team for pre-approval. You can either send it to with the subject "Study plan pre-approval required" and your Student ID (e.g. "Study plan pre-approval required Student ID 123456789") or you can drop by the Swinburne Abroad office.


Once you receive your pre-approved study plan from Swinburne Abroad you will need to send it, along with your course planner and proposed unit information, to your faculty course director for approval. 

If you need assistance determining if you can fit an exchange semester in your degree you can make an appointment to see a Course Advice Specialist. Course Advice Specialists can also approve electives in your study plan.

Swinburne Online students should contact for approval and assistance with course planning.

Sponsored students should contact their sponsor to seek their preliminary approval to indicate that they do not have any objections for the student to apply to go on student exchange. Students should forward this preliminary approval to and before submitting their application for the student exchange program.

6. Complete online application.


If you are a design, film and television or animation student you also need to submit a portfolio with your study plan.


We will notify you that your application has been received.


If your application is successful, we will issue you with an offer into the international exchange program.


You accept the offer and pay the Student Exchange Program Fee.


Swinburne Abroad nominates you to the Host Institution and sends you instructions on how to apply to complete and submit the Host Institution Application.


You submit your application to the Host Institution.


The host institution notifies you of the outcome of your application.


In the case of a rejection, we will try to place you at your second or third preference destination.


You receive government funding/scholarship if applicable.


You complete all your pre-departure requirements - Including the Swinburne Study Abroad and Exchange Travel Insurance Form.


Swinburne Abroad amends your Swinburne enrolment prior to departure.


You commence your exchange semester.

Bon voyage!