Independent internships - Semester

Swinburne works with a number of different internship providers, who organise internships year-round. You can undertake an independent internship with any of these providers, where you select your desired city, length and dates. You could be the only Swinburne student going to that destination, but other international interns may join you in your program city.

Things to consider when planning an independent internship:

  • Different providers include different services in their program fee, it is your responsibility to compare and decide which provider is best for you
  • Each provider has different payment schedules and refund policies
  • Certain locations are better for certain study areas, your provider can advise you on the best location for you
  • Certain providers and locations have minimum program lengths
  • Your internship dates must fall within a Swinburne study period, our providers have different intake dates, that may or may not be flexible
  • We recommend completing your internship in Summer or Winter, if you complete your internship during a semester you may not be eligible for funding such as OS HELP or Centrelink as you will not be ‘full time’
  • You must apply to Swinburne before applying directly to a provider to confirm if you are eligible for academic credit and/or funding assistance

Semester internships

It is possible to complete an independent internship during semester. Your internship must fall within the semester study period dates. However, during this time an internship is not classified as a ‘full time’ study load so students will not be eligible for Centrelink or OS HELP Loans, unless they undertake an additional online unit of study. Whilst this is possible, juggling a full-time internship, academic internship unit plus an additional subject can be difficult and will not be possible for all study areas. There is not a set deadline for independent internships, rather providers will ‘close’ intake dates as they become full. It is recommend you apply at least 6 months prior to your commencement date, so please apply to Swinburne Abroad with sufficient time.


Our providers

Provider notes:

  • Academic Internship Council does not accept applications directly from students and has minimal information on their website. Swinburne Abroad can connect you with AIC to provide more information
  • ArtBound Initiative has a minimum of 12 week internships. These can only be taken over the summer break or during the semester
  • InternChina/ InternVietnam advertises some position descriptions and you do not pay any fees until you have a confirmed host organisation




Europe & Africa

Our providers