Application process

Application processes can differ slightly between different internship providers. Swinburne Abroad may also run customised group internship programs that will have a different application process.

Applying to Swinburne


Decide if you would like to participate in one of Swinburne’s group programs, or undertake an independent internship.

Complete a Study Plan

Complete a study plan that outlines which academic unit you will utilize for your internship and ensure it is approved by the relevant member of staff listed on the plan.

Apply online

Submit an application online via the Swinburne Abroad Tracking System (SATS). Enter the details of your proposed internship, upload a copy of your passport and your approved study plan.

Please note: You are required to upload both documents to the 'Passport upload' box.

Offer from Swinburne

If your application is successful, Swinburne Abroad will issue you with an offer into the internship program.

Please note: This does not guarantee acceptance from the internship provider or a host organisation.

Finding a host organisation

Apply to internship provider

Swinburne will guide you on how to apply to your internship provider. The initial application requires basic personal information, the industry sector you would like to intern in, and a copy of your resume.

Please note: You must select an industry sector that is the closest match to your Swinburne course in order to receive academic credit for the experience.

Phone interview

Complete a phone interview with your internship provider. They will find out more about you, including your studies, skills, your interests and what you hope to gain from the internship. They will use this information to find a host organisation that is suitable for you and your studies.

Searching for a host organisation

Your internship provider will start the search for your host organisation. You may have Skype interviews with potential companies. Payment schedules differ between providers during this time. If eligible, you can apply for OS HELP Loans and/or Overseas Internships Scholarships at this stage. 

Please note: This part of the application process takes the longest. It is normal to receive final details of your internship up to four weeks from departure. You are not guaranteed a host organisation.


Host organisation approval

Once you are allocated to a host organisation, Swinburne Abroad needs to conduct checks to confirm that it is a suitable placement for you and meets Swinburne’s academic requirements. An internship agreement will be prepared for signing by all parties.

Pre-departure steps

Once Swinburne has confirmed your host organisation, you can work with your internship provider to arrange all logistics such as flights, visas, accommodation etc. Swinburne offers free travel insurance to students (subject to requirements) which we will assist you with. You will attend a mandatory pre-departure session, and submit required travel documentation to Swinburne Abroad. We will ensure you are enrolled in the correct academic unit.


Depart for your internship

It is time to depart on your internship journey! Your internship provider will usually pick you up from the airport, and provide in-country orientation. They will assist you on your first day of work, and throughout your placement they will organise social, cultural and networking activities for you and other interns.

Complete your academic work

You will be enrolled into an academic unit for the duration of your internship, and you may need to complete assessments before, during and after the internship. It is your responsibility to check what academic work you need to complete and to stay in contact with the relevant academic staff.