Academic credit

It is possible to gain academic credit for an overseas internship. The type of credit you receive will depend on the degree you are studying.

Professional Internship Units

There are two types of Professional Internship Units available to grant credit for overseas internship experiences:

  1. Professional Internship Unit – 12.5CP for internships of 16 – 19 days
  2. Professional Internship Unit Extended – 25CP for internships of 30 – 60 days

These units are taken in place of elective units, and are run online during your internship experience. You will be assigned an academic supervisor and will complete assessments throughout your internship.

To be eligible for this unit, you must:

  • Be in an undergraduate course that has a Professional Internship as an accredited study option
  • Be a domestic or international student (students studying through Swinburne Online (SOL) or Open Universities Australia (OUA) are not eligible)
  • Have completed a minimum of 150 credit points in your degree
  • Have a minimum of one unit of study plus the Professional Internship Unit remaining to complete your degree
  • Have an elective unit (or two for the 25 credit points unit), free in your study plan (domestic students may have the option to overload their degree if they have no electives remaining) 
  • Have a weighted course average of 60.0% or higher

Project Units

Some study areas have project-based units that can be utilized on overseas internships, such as:

  • Media and Communications – MDA30006 Media and Communications Project A
  • Media and Communications – MDA30007 Media and Communications Project B

Accreditation Placements

Some study areas have mandatory placements or experiences, such as:

  • Engineering – EAT20008 Professional Experience in Engineering

If you are studying one of these courses, you may be able to complete some of your mandatory placement overseas, pending approval from course directors and Swinburne Abroad.

*Education and Nursing courses also have mandatory professional experiences. These placements have strict accreditation requirements and only certain experiences will be eligible to grant credit for these placements.

If you have already completed your required professional experience, or are enrolled in a Professional degree, you can utilize your elective units on the Professional Internship Unit.

You must complete a study plan prior to applying for an overseas internship. This outlines which academic unit you will be utilizing for the program. You must have it signed off by the applicable approval person.