How to apply

If you are an international student looking to start a university degree program or transfer to Swinburne to complete your degree, you should look at our entry options for international students.

To apply for the student exchange program, study abroad program or freshman abroad program follow the steps below.

Step 1: Check that you are eligible to apply

Look at the eligibility criteria applicable to your selected program.

Step 2: Gain approval from your university

Talk to your home university’s course adviser to make sure that your course has the flexibility to include an exchange, study abroad or freshman abroad program.

Step 3: Choose your units of study

You need to enrol in a full-time course load of four units per semester (or three if you intend to choose the Study 3 Abroad option which is available to study abroad students only).

Browse units

Not sure what units you’d like to study?

Browse suggested units by discipline:

Study Abroad Units: Undergraduate – Semester 1, 2019
Study Abroad Units: Undergraduate – Semester 2, 2019
Study Abroad Units: Postgraduate – Semester 1, 2019
Study Abroad Units: Postgraduate – Semester 2, 2019

Study Abroad Units: Summer/Winter 2018 – 2019

Please note that these lists are a guideline only to allow students to see the range of units we have available. The majority of units on this list should be available to Study Abroad and Exchange students but approval will still need to be granted on application. You may choose units from any faculty as long as you meet the unit’s prerequisites. 

If you apply for a design or film and television unit you will need to include a portfolio of your work with your application. See portfolio guidelines.

We recommend you list at least six units per semester on your application form, in order of preference, in case one of your units is not available or not suitable.

Study abroad and freshman abroad students can choose to add a certificate of specialisation to their studies. To qualify for the certificate, you must complete two units from a single discipline. You can gain a dual certificate of specialisation if you complete two units from each of two disciplines.

Check that your chosen units will run in the semester you are intending to study. To do this you will need to look at the Swinburne timetable planner. If the year you intend to study is not yet posted on site, use the current year to get an indication of unit availability.

Go to timetable planner

How to use the timetable planner

Paste the unit code into the search box and click ‘search’. The unit will be displayed as either HS1 (available in Semester 1) or HS2 (available in Semester 2) or both. Don’t forget, the Australian academic year is the opposite of that of the northern hemisphere: Semester 1 is February to June, Semester 2 is July to November.


Step 4: Talk to your course adviser

Talk to your home university’s course adviser to make sure that the classes you are planning to take at Swinburne will count towards your degree. At the end of your studies with us, we will mail a transcript to your home institution or directly to you so that you can have your credits transferred.

Step 5: Complete the online application form

Please complete our online application form. Make sure you add supporting documentation for your application.

For assistance with your application, students from partner universities should seek advice from their home university's international office. Other students may contact Swinburne Abroad.

Step 6: Receive your offer

If your application is approved, Swinburne will make you an offer.

Step 7: Accept your offer

It is important that you read your offer letter carefully. To accept your offer, you will need to return the offer acceptance form, unit nomination form and make payment by the date indicated.

Details on how to accept your offer can be found here.