Swinburne’s student health ambassadors. These all-round good humans harness the power of student voice to promote health and wellbeing at Swinburne. They work with peers and experts to develop different ways to make a positive impact. From curating online resources to designing and delivering a calendar of events to engage the community. Large on-campus events, like RUOK Day or Nutrition Week? That’s these guys. Smaller group workshops. Nutrition classes. That’s them too. You’ll probably see the friendly team on campus or in the H.Squad hut (the bright blue and yellow uniforms are kind of hard to miss). Don’t be shy to say hi. They are peer support, here to support you, a peer. If you have any health query, just ask. They’re happy to lend a hand... or if you need someone to listen, an ear.

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Get in contact with the squad at hsquad@swinburne.edu.au.

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