Need emergency help?

If you or someone you know is hurt or in immediate danger:

  • call the emergency services 000
  • call Swinburne security +61 3 9214 3333 for important but non-life-threatening incidences

Respect. Now. Always.

At Swinburne, we are committed and fully support the Respect. Now. Always. national initiative. The initiative aims to prevent sexual violence in the university community and support the victim/survivor in a safe environment. Learn more about the support we offer if you, or someone you know, is affected by sexual assault or sexual harassment via our Safer Community team. 

You decide whether you want to get support, make a report, or both.

A wide range of support services on and off campus are available. You can also choose to report directly or anonymously. Review some of your options here or contact Safer Community by email on for assistance.

Reporting assault

Reporting an incident ensures that victims of assault get the help they need. Looking out for one another by speaking up can save lives. If you experience, see or hear about behaviour that may be inappropriate, concerning or threatening you can report the incident by completing the Safer Community online form or by emailing

Note: Reports to Safer Community can be made anonymously.

We’re here to help

If you're feeling unsafe, the Swinburne security team offers a free security escort service after hours. This means you can request a security officer to walk with you to your car, the train station or another part of campus. Call +61 3 9214 3333 or visit the safety and security page for more information on staying safe around campus.

Need crisis help?
Swinburne crisis line is available 24 hours a day on weekends and public holidays, and outside business hours on weekdays (before 9.00am and after 5.00pm).

Crisis help on campus

If you need help in a crisis, you can drop into the following places on campus:

Hawthorn Medical Clinic

Level 4, George Swinburne Building
34 Wakefield Street, Hawthorn
Monday to Thursday 8.30am–6.00pm
Friday 8.30am–5.00pm
+61 3 9214 8483

Croydon campus nurse

Building CA, Room CA130
12–50 Norton Road, Croydon
Monday to Thursday 8.00am–4.00pm
+61 3 9726 1711

Wantirna campus nurse

Room WA121
369 Stud Road, Wantirna
Monday to Thursday 8.00am–4.00pm
Friday 8.30am–12.00pm
+61 3 9210 1287

Safer Community

We’ve worked hard to create a safe, accepting and vibrant community to ensure Swinburne remains a place that everyone can feel confident and respected — we aim to keep it that way.

If you’re feeling threatened or unsafe, or are concerned for the safety of others, report the situation to Safer Community.

Safer Community offers advice, support, intervention and risk management. It’s our aim to identify problem behaviours early in order to reduce risks to the safety and wellbeing of yourself and others.

Additional support for problem behaviours

  • Bullying


    Bullying is repeated, unreasonable behaviour directed at an individual or group that creates a risk to their health and safety.

  • Discrimination, harassment and vilification

    Discrimination, harassment and vilification

    At Swinburne, we take a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination, harassment and vilification based on a person’s background or personal characteristics.

  • Sexual assault and sexual harassment

    Sexual assault and sexual harassment

    Sexual assault occurs when a person is forced, coerced or tricked into sexual acts against their will or without their consent.

  • Stalking


    Stalking occurs when someone repeatedly imposes unwanted communication and/or contact on a person that causes them to feel fear or distress.

  • Family violence

    Family violence

    The Family Violence Protection Act (2008) describes family violence as physically, sexually, emotionally or financially abusive behaviour towards a family member.

  • Cyber harassment

    Cyber harassment

    If you’re being harassed online or fall victim to a cybercrime Swinburne can support you in resolving the matter.

Have you been affected by sexual assault or sexual harassment?

Explore the help and support services available through Swinburne.

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