Living on campus at Swinburne

Video transcript

DOMINIQUE: My favorite part about living on campus would be the community feel that comes with it. There's always events going on, always something new happening.

MAYA: So you could be going somewhere that's quite close by and meet four mates on the way, which is an amazing feeling.

DOMINIQUE: First transitioning, after leaving the house for the first time, was a bit intimidating, because you have to basically discover what it's like to be independent and live by yourself.

MANAN: What I thought was, it's going to be weird, because I don't know what their culture is. I don't go out that much. I don't party that much. So I won't get along with a lot of people. But it completely turned out the other way around.

DOMINIQUE: I think what surprised me most about coming to campus was how easy it was to fit in and how simple it was to get that family feel.

MANAN: Swinburne offers different types of accommodations. You can have four bedroom, three bedroom, a studio apartment as well.

MAYA: Oh, I like my room. I've really personalized it through the posters, glow in the dark stars, and photos.

DOMINIQUE: Within all of the main buildings-- it's locked and the only way you can get in is with your own personal key card. And then there's the security head office, probably 100 meters from where you live.

MAYA: Everything's quite convenient. It's a bit of a microcosm.

DOMINIQUE: It's just a 200 meter walk straight to the train, and then it's a 10, 15 minute train ride to the city.

MANAN: My favorite thing about living on campus is there are people called resident advisers-- they're basically a bridge between the administration and you, so they're always there to help you out no matter what. They can help you out with your studies. They can help you out with your personal life. They can just sit there and talk to you if you want to.

DOMINIQUE: If you have an 8.30 class, you can literally push it to sleeping in until 8.00, 8.05, 8.10. Just roll out of bed and straight to class. It's so simple. It wasn't as intimidating as I thought. It was a very smooth transition.

MAYA: The social scene has enabled me to meet some of my closest friends.

DOMINIQUE: It's definitely fun. Highly recommend!