Support and safety

When you live on campus, you're not just getting a place to live while you study: you're joining a community.

Living on campus also gives you access to our on-campus support and health services. This includes 24-hour security, assistance from our support staff and professional medical and counselling services. 

Resident advisers

Our resident advisers, who are senior residents on campus, are here to support your transition into life on campus.

When you move in you'll be introduced to the resident adviser in your building or on your floor. If you're homesick, have questions about the residences, or just need someone to talk to, your nearest resident adviser is here to help.

After-hours support

Resident advisers are on call between 5pm and 9am on weekdays and around the clock on public holidays and weekends. They can help you:

  • check in between 5pm and 12am
  • get access to your room or apartment if you've locked yourself out
  • deal with noise disturbances in the residences.

Residence administration team

Our admin support staff can help you with:

  • general enquiries
  • checking in to the residences
  • scheduling appointments to meet with staff
  • access to your room or apartment during office hours or if you have lost your key card, etc.

Admin staff are located in the Swinburne Student Residences administration office, 24 Wakefield St, Hawthorn.

Office hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Our office is closed on public holidays and the Christmas and New Year period.

Health and wellbeing

Swinburne's Health and wellbeing team provides medical and counselling services for students. 

Students with Medicare cards are bulk billed. International students who have Allianz, Medibank Private or NIB Overseas Health Insurance will have their insurance billed directly. For students, there will be no out-of-pocket costs to see a doctor.

Students can see a nurse for no charge; however there are charges for vaccinations.

The counselling service is designed to help students work through personal or academic challenges that they may encounter in their studies. It's free and confidential.

If you're looking for spiritual support, you can also access Swinburne's on-campus multi-faith chaplaincy. 

Career development

We host many career development and networking events for our residents and we encourage you to get involved. 

The Centre for Career Development provides current Swinburne students, and recent graduates, with valuable skills and resources. 

Staying safe on campus

Your personal safety is important to us. To minimise potential security problems, we have security cameras in parts of the residences, self-locking doors and key-card access entrances. We also have a 24-hour security presence on campus.

To contact security, please call +61 3 9214 3333. The security office is at the end of Alfred St, near Glenferrie train station. If you feel unsafe on campus, Swinburne Security can escort you between the residences and anywhere on campus.

The Swinburne campus is generally very safe, but personal safety is everyone's responsibility. Look out for your neighbours and contact security, or the duty resident adviser, if you notice anything suspicious or if you are concerned about your personal safety.