Paying your accommodation fees

To pay your fees, log into the accommodation portal. You can pay by BPAY or Credit Card. 

You can also pay in person at the Residences reception if for some reason you can't pay online. Please note, we can't accept cash payments.

Check out the schedule of fees for this year for more information about what you need to pay. 

Financial assistance and support

We offer financial assistance to student residents in the form of scholarships. See our section on scholarships for more information.

If you need help finding money for the bond, you can also apply for bond assistance from the Becton fund. See the bond assistance information and application form to find out more.

We advise residents who are having trouble paying their fees to email before the fees are due to make alternative arrangements.

If you're looking for general financial advice and support, including information about Centrelink, contact our financial advisers at Student Finance.