Homestay accommodation

Homestay is an arrangement where students live with a local family or resident host in a private home. 

Homestays are an affordable way for international students to improve their English and experience Australian culture and lifestyle up close.

Note: International students under 18 years of age must live in either a homestay, on-campus accommodation or with a relative approved by the Department of Home Affairs

Who can homestay and what is included

Homestay students can be any age, but if you’re under 18 your booking process will be more detailed. You need to stay in a homestay for a minimum of 28 days.

Our partner, Australian Homestay Network (AHN), will match you with an appropriate homestay host. You will meet the host and see the house for the first time when you move in.

All homestay arrangements include:

  • a furnished private room in a caring environment (with desk, chair and study lamp)
  • access to internet
  • bathroom and laundry facilities
  • household utilities (electricity, gas, etc)
  • two meals per day Monday - Friday and three meals on Saturday and Sunday (students over 18)
  • homestay host and student support
  • AHN 24/7 professional phone support
  • AHN insurance.

Fees, conditions and booking

In addition to the ongoing weekly fee, there is a one-time placement fee of $290 for all homestays.

Typical weekly fees

Students over 18: approximately $315 per week, depending on meal options 

Students under 18: approximately $355 per week

Homestay students over 18 may vary their options after the first 28 days, which may affect weekly fees. 

Hosting a homestay student

If you are interested in helping a student experience life in a family home in Melbourne, and have appropriate space and facilities, you can apply to have AHN assess your suitability as a homestay host. 

Being a host is a position of great trust and responsibility. Understand what's expected of you, your guest and the requirements of the homestay arrangement by visiting the AHN website.