Advertising a room or property

You can advertise your room or property on the Swinburne Housing Database. To advertise, register with us as an accommodation provider. It is free to register and advertise. 

Once you've submitted your advertisement, it's vetted by our housing team to make sure it meets our standards. You'll receive an automatic notification when we've approved your advertisement. The university reserves the right not to advertise your property on our database. 

Formatting your advertisement

To increase the chances of finding a tenant or boarder make sure you provide essential information, including:

  • amenities and facilities, particularly if you're offering a room for a boarder
  • culture and expectations of the house, particularly if you're offering a room in a share house
  • car parking, internet access or anything else that may be a deciding factor for tenants.

The law forbids real estate agents and landlords, who are advertising vacant properties, from specifying the gender or sexual identity, race or religion of future tenants. 

Owner occupiers or share-house tenants can specify qualities including gender or religious affiliation. Swinburne encourages non-discrimination, where possible, and will vet advertisements that don't adhere to Swinburne standards. 

Information for landlords, boarding houses and shared tenancies

If you're a landlord, or renting out a room in a sharehouse, you need to be aware of Victorian regulations that apply to you. Consumer Affairs Victoria and Youth Central are key sources of information on the private rental market in Victoria.

We encourage landlords and tenants to be aware of their obligations and responsibilities.

Information for rooming houses

Rooming house providers need to register with their local council. They'll also need to provide their rooming house registration number when they advertise with the Swinburne Housing Database.

Information for homestay providers

Homestay providers don't advertise directly through our housing database. See our section on homestays for more information.