Supporting documentation for refund requests

You must provide independent supporting documentation to support your application. It is not sufficient to provide only a personal statement outlining your circumstances.

Note: All documents must be originals or certified copies. Where document scans or images are supplied (for submitting online) originals may later need to be seen.

Medical reasons

You have a medical condition that only became known after the census date and it was such that you were unable to continue to study; or worsened to such an extent that you were unable to continue your studies

Please provide a medical certificates/documentation including:

  • your name
  • the name, address and Medicare Provider number of the doctor/healthcare provider
  • the date the examination/s took place and date the medical certificate was issued
  • the date(s) during which you were affected and how your condition affected your ability to study
  • the duration of the illness
  • signature

Family reasons

Unforeseen family/personal reasons that have occurred or worsened after the census date and are beyond your control and mean you are unable to continue to study, for example, death or severe medical problems within your family.

Please provide a statement on letterhead from a doctor or counsellor, stating:

  • The name, address and Medicare Provider number of the doctor/counsellor
  • The date your personal circumstances began or changed;
  • How your circumstances affected your ability to study; and
  • When it became apparent you could not continue your studies, or

A death certificate – this applies to the death of a parent, grandparent, sibling, child or spouse and proof of your relationship to the deceased (e.g. birth or marriage certificate)

Employment related reasons (not applicable for international students on a student visa)

After the census date, your employment status or arrangements changed unexpectedly, due to circumstances beyond your control, e.g. sudden transfer, significant change in hours outside of your control.

Please provide a letter from your employer detailing the changes to your employment, including when you were notified of the changes. Letters must be on company letterhead signed by your manager or appropriate HR delegate and detail the commencement date and duration of the changes.

We do not accept medical impact statements as evidence.

Any applications that contain statements or supporting evidence that cannot have their authenticity verified and/or are deemed suspicious, may be referred to the Department of Education and Training for further investigation.