Student organisations

There are several independent student-focused organisations at Swinburne:

  • Swinburne Student Amenities Association
  • Swinburne Student Union
  • Student Representative Council.

In addition to these groups, Swinburne has many clubs and societies.

Swinburne Student Amenities Association

Swinburne Student Amenities Association (SSAA) runs services and activities to support and engage students at Swinburne. Its services include:

Contact us

t: +61 3 9214 5445


Swinburne Student Union

The Swinburne Student Union (SSU) is Swinburne’s student-run representation, welfare and events service. It runs fun events on all campuses throughout the year. It also campaigns to represent and protect students’ interests and rights.

SSU's member services include:

  • free breakfasts and a weekly BBQ
  • free printing
  • locker hire
  • member discounts
  • student groups
  • Swine student magazine
  • the Hammer and Swine student bar (Thursdays in semesters)
  • SSU merchandise
  • Croydon Cafe
  • Exam help stall
  • Student diary.

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Student Representative Council

The Swinburne Student Representative Council (SRC) is made up of students who have been elected to sit on Council, boards and committees at Swinburne.

Students involved have a great opportunity to develop personally and professionally while making a positive contribution to student life at Swinburne.

The positions available include seats on the Swinburne University Council, Academic Senate, Faculty Student Consultative Committees (FSCC) and the SSAA Board.

Via these positions, students directly contribute to Swinburne's policies and procedures by providing feedback about courses, learning environments, and social and general issues relating to student life on campus.


SRC members may be eligible for:

  • support to develop their leadership skills and help them fulfil their elected roles (including induction and other accredited modules)
  • a $3000 scholarship
  • the prestigious Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Certificate.

How to participate

Elections are held every year, usually in October, for committee and board positions.