SRC committees and boards

Below are listed the elected representatives on the SRC Executive Committee, Swinburne University Council, Academic Senate, the Swinburne Student Life Board and the Faculty student consultative committees (FSCCs).

SRC Executive

Co-Chair Clarrissa Carson
Co-Chair Omar Benmansour
Deputy Chair Clare Johansson
Co-Secretary Nimalan Alfred
Co-Secretary Vacant
FBL FSCC Leader Mathew Darcy
FHAD FSCC Leader Patrick Macdonagh-Gonda
FSET FSCC Leader Dhiraj Bharwad

Swinburne University Council

Student Representative Junaid Azhar

Academic Senate

Student Representative Adnan Islam

Swinburne Student Life Board

Undergraduate Representative Qasim Rehan
Postgraduate Representative Vacant
International Representative Mohamed Ifradh Mubarak
PAVE Representative Libby Harris

Faculty of Business and Law Student Consultative Committee (FBL FSCC)

Undergraduate representative Noor-Ul-ain Chaudhry
Undergraduate representative Tahira Batool
Undergraduate representative Mahnoor Javed
Postgraduate representative Shravya Sudeendra
Postgraduate representative Sanjay Hegde
Postgraduate representative Mai Linh Do
International representative Anny Vu
International representative Nick Nguyen
International representative Jannie Bich Ngoc Hoang

Faculty of Health, Arts, and Design Student Consultative Committee (FHAD FSCC)

Undergraduate representative Pariskevas Konstadinu
Undergraduate representative Alicia Stevens
Undergraduate representative Pakinam Elashram
Postgraduate representative Nataly Arevalo
Postgraduate representative Yvonne Poon
Postgraduate representative Jean-Dominique Grandport
International representative Lynn Cheong See
International representative Deyna Yohana Friska
International representative Vacant

Faculty of Science, Engineering, and Technology Student Consultative Committee (FSET FSCC)

Undergraduate representative Usman Javed
Undergraduate representative Farhan Islam
Undergraduate representative Vacant
Postgraduate representative Maaz Sharieff
Postgraduate representative Mustafa Dheyaa Othma Al-Mashaykhi
Postgraduate representative MD Kafil Uddin
International representative Hamza Firasat
International representative Maerzad Mohamed Nazha Bin Mohamed Nasir
International representative Dhakwaan Mohamed Nizam