Short on time, big on learning? Swinburne’s range of short-term courses offer maximum results in minimal timeframes – each one tailored for different needs.

University certificates

University certificates are your way of pole-vaulting into university-level learning, studying a single unit from Swinburne’s world-class degrees, and quickly nabbing a certificate that recognises your achievement and initiative while you’re there. You’ll also have the option to power through to a full degree (with 12.5cp credit points already achieved), if that’s what you want. 

  • Gain specific, up-to-date, university-level skills and knowledge. 
  • Bank a resume-bolstering certificate, recognising your initiative, learning and drive. 
  • Earn 12.5cp credit points towards a Swinburne University degree, helping you graduate faster. 


If accredited learning that specifically targets industry needs and gaps is what you’re after, then a micro-credential is for you. Brought to life through Swinburne Edge’s innovative live online delivery method, micro-credential coursework is designed to be applied the day after you’ve learned it – so you’re equipped to make outcomes happen. Immediately. 

  • Upskill or reskill with outcome-based learning that responds to industry needs. 
  • Learn through Swinburne Edge live online delivery, especially developed for immediate, practical application. 
  • Receive formal accreditation for your learning and development. 

Short courses

Want to get stuck into some practical learning without assessment? Welcome to the exciting world of short courses. Whether you’re choosing combined content or specific skills training, you’re in line to explore and grow fast – and get hands-on experience in what matters to you.

  • Choose from combined content or specific skills training, delivered quickly.
  • Get hands-on with more practical learning and less theory. 
  • Explore and grow without the pressure of assessment.

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  • Short courses

    Increase your career prospects through our professional development courses in business, leadership, computing, personal effectiveness, health, safety, trades that are designed to build skills that are immediately applicable in the workplace.

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    University certificates

    Learn exactly what you need to upskill, advance your career or pursue your passion – and bank a resume-bolstering certificate, while you’re at it.

  • Micro-credentials

    When you’re in a rush to gain knowledge and skills that target specific industry needs – and receive formal accreditation while you’re at it – you need a micro-credential. 

Interested but not sure which option is best for you?

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