It was an email that shaped Matt's future

Matt has had a great head start to university with the Early Leaders Program.  

Some simple correspondence from his career guidance counsellor suggesting he look at doing Swinburne’s Early Leaders Program.

Matt earned two certificates during the program – the first was an introduction to research and academic skills that all students in the program take on.

  • " I liked the sound of it. The program would make my transition to university easier, I'd have eight months to complete it, and I could do it all online, which would save three-hour roundtrips from Ballarat to Melbourne."

    Matt , Early Leaders Program

It was a real eye opener for Matt as he got to write his first academic article and have it reviewed with heaps of useful feedback.

“I was kind of expecting a tick, ‘yes, you did that, you did that’ but I got a score out of 20 for all the different criteria and written feedback.”

He says the experience gave him an idea of what it’s like to actually do an assignment at university, which is really different to high school.

He also discovered what it’s like to study business and law at Swinburne because the article gave him the opportunity to interview a student already studying the double degree at Swinburne. He says it was the best part of the whole program.

“I just picked her brains about everything I wanted to know: I asked about ATARs, what uni life was like, what she found hard, and what she would do again.”

Matt says the certificate has given him more confidence for taking on his first year at university.

For his second certificate, Matt could choose from three options: 

  • creativity (creative thinking, innovative problem-solving)
  • community engagement (community building and volunteering)
  • career development (employability, job-readiness).

Matt chose career development where he improved his résumé, enhanced his employability skills, and explored his career options.

The Early Leaders Program has given Matt a taste of university many other students don’t get. He feels prepared for university and reckons others should think about the program.

His advice… “Do it!”

Looking to get a head start at university?

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