Paige was determined to find a runway to the open skies

“I went to open days and looked into all possible courses; there is nothing comparable to Swinburne’s. [Particularly], when you look at who they train with at CAE Oxford, and the facilities they have.”

So, Paige looked for ways to make her entry into the bachelor degree more certain and found Swinburne’s Early Leaders Program.

She went along to an info evening and heard previous students speak about their experiences in the program.

“It was the driving factor for me thinking: ‘You know what? I can do this, this is something I am capable of.’”

Paige quickly saw the program as her ticket to studying aviation at Swinburne. It would give her an ATAR adjustment of one aggregate point for each certificate she completed, with a maximum of two points, if she preferenced Swinburne. 

It was a win-win. She’d improve her chances of getting into aviation at Swinburne while simultaneously preparing herself for university.

The Early Leaders program helped Paige get into Swinburne and to prepare her for university. 

Paige signed up and that was that – she started the program early in Year 11 and loved it.

The most valuable lesson Paige learned during the program was resilience.

“We had to analyse this report and it was huge,” she says. But she ploughed through it knowing that it would be worth it in the end – and it was.

 “The feedback from the report has been super valuable. [It’s] a bit of an insight into what to expect at university.”

There was also a strong sense of community and togetherness in the program that Paige loved.

And, then there were the simple practicalities: “I know it sounds silly, but… now I already know where a tonne of the buildings are [on campus]!”

  • “I came in for workshops and they were pretty cool… I really liked it when we all came in together… it was nice to meet like-minded people.”

    Paige , Early Leaders Program

Looking to get a head start at university?

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