Swinburne students

If you've recently completed a diploma at Swinburne, you can find out about your pathway options via our pathway planner.

Pathways Direct

Pathways Direct is a streamlined process for Swinburne students to progress from their diploma into a bachelor degree. 

Upon completion of your diploma or advanced diploma you may have access to a range of single, double and specialised degrees. Learn about your pathway and credit options, so you’re ready to apply. 

Local Swinburne students can apply for further study using the online application system.
International Swinburne students can apply by completing the online course transfer request form

Any academic credit from completed study will be calculated and applied to your new course.

UniLink diplomas

UniLink diplomas are an option for students who miss direct entry to a degree or who would benefit from a more supportive style of learning.

The classroom content in a UniLink diploma is based on bachelor degree courses, but you will have more contact hours, smaller class sizes and more one-on-one time with your teachers.

Successful completion provides entry into a bachelor degree, with advanced standing of up to one year of full-time study (depending on the degree and major that you progress to).

UniLink diplomas take eight months to complete. There are three intakes each year (February, June and October), so you can progress to a related bachelor degree sooner rather than later.

What are your options?

Diploma to degree pathway options from UniLink are available via the pathway planner.

Pathway planner

Pathways for non-Swinburne students

If you have completed studies at another educational institution, you may be eligible to receive credit towards a degree with us, with the option of converting your diploma to a degree.

The amount of credit received is based on the course you have studied and the relevance to the degree you're applying for, with us. 

Would you like to calculate your credit?

All applications for credit exemptions are assessed on a case-by-case basis. To give you an indication of potential credit exemptions, use our credit calculator.

Credit calculator

Ready to transfer to a degree?

Use our course search to find the degree that's right for you.

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