Do you love movies? Binge watch Netflix? Follow every TV show? Then Cinema and Screen Studies at Swinburne might just be right for you.

With the rise of streaming services, Smart TVs, shared universes, and user-generated video platforms like YouTube, the boundaries between film and television have begun to blur. Understanding this era of screen technology is essential to thrive in today’s creative industries and anticipate tomorrow's.

Cinema and Screen Studies moves beyond traditional film or television studies by exploring how these industries and screen technologies interact. You’ll explore film and TV from a wide variety of genres, regions, industry perspectives, and production styles.

When you take on our cinema and screen studies courses you’ll benefit from a range of industry guest lectures and relationships with organisations such as the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), Village Roadshow, Lido Cinemas and MonsterFest, plus take part in excursions and interactive assignments. You’ll learn from teachers with extensive industry experience who are highly regarded researchers of screen technologies, industries, and cultures.

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    Swinburne's own superhero (expert)

    Meet Dr Liam Burke, media studies lecturer and resident superhero expert. Liam recently helped organise Cleverman: The Exhibition at ACMI, which explored the story of Australia's first Indigenous superhero TV series. He's also written and edited books on the subject, spoken at San Diego Comic-Con and Supernova Melbourne, and is currently researching exactly why fans connect with superheroes. What a marvel!

Our industry partners and affiliates

ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) 

Village Roadshow Cinemas

AIDC (Australian International Documentary Conference)

Irish Film Festival

Lido Cinemas

The Swinburne Advantage

An undergraduate degree must be about more than just knowledge – it’s also job readiness, professional experience and access to further opportunities. 

We partner with leading Australian and global organisations to offer students authentic workplace experiences. Our degrees can include placements, internships, industry-linked projects, study tours and more. This is your chance to work on real-life projects, solve day-to-day challenges in your field and gain the professional skills that put knowledge into practice. You’ll build invaluable skills and confidence, knowing you have what it takes to land a job by graduation or even before. 

  • "Studying Cinema and Screen Studies allowed me to critically look at popular film and television and explore the ways in which they have succeeded and why. I have really enjoyed the chance to learn from experienced tutors and lecturers who were constantly there for support and feedback. Getting advice has really helped me to grow as a writer and feel more confident in my own work."

    Annika , Bachelor of Media and Communication, major in Cinema and Screen Studies

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    Speaking up about film

    Cinema and screen studies student Hannah was a member of the inaugural Melbourne Women in Film Festival (MWFF) Critics Lab. Designed to support the next generation of Australian women-identified critics, the MWFF Critics Lab provided Hannah with the opportunity to pursue her interest in writing about film.

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