Now that your degree has been moved directly to Swinburne, we would like to make your transition as seamless as possible. While all of your learning and academic related functions will remain unchanged, there will be some variations on how you manage the following functions:

  1. Accessing your unit information
  2. Enrolling into and withdrawing from units
  3. Paying your tuition fees
  4. Booking your exams
  5. Ordering your textbooks
  6. Degree Planners (what units do you need to complete)

Information on Swinburne’s units of study can be accessed from Unit Search.

Instructions on how to self-manage your unit enrolments and withdrawals can be found in this guide [PDF 376KB].

If you wish to defer your fees you will need to lodge a FEE-HELP form directly with Swinburne. For further information on paying your fees, please refer to our HELP Guide on how to manage your financials online.

Note: Section 4 is not applicable and can be ignored.

You will be automatically assigned an exam venue based on your permanent address. As you will no longer be an OUA student, you do not have to register for an exam venue. More information on exam locations and organising your exams can be accessed from here.  

Your textbook requirements can be accessed from the Swinburne bookshop webpage. Simply type the applicable unit code into the bookshop search engine. If this does not provide a result, try ‘find for me’ or contact the bookshop directly by calling  +61 3 9214 5484 or emailing

Note: While searching the bookshop website please ignore ‘Swinburne Online’. The latter entity is a private arm of the university and does not offer astronomy or postgraduate statistics.

The degree planners below are designed to help you identify which units you still need to complete in order to be eligible to graduate. The planners include:

  • your degree structure and course rules
  • all units compulsory to your degree
  • which unit codes or titles have changed
  • which of your units have been replaced over time, and the units that have replaced them
  • which of your units are now in teach-out phase and, if applicable, the study period and year that the unit will be offered for the last time

Please ensure you download the degree planner applicable to the year you were officially approved for admission into your degree.

If you are unsure of the year you were approved for admission, you can check this in your study plan in eStudent by clicking on your degree code. If you have any questions about your Study Plan please contact our course advice specialist team.

Applied Statistics

2010–2014 intakes
Master of Science (Applied Statistics)/ Graduate Diploma of Science (Applied Statistics) [PDF 128KB]

2015–2017 intakes
Master of Science (Applied Statistics)/ Graduate Diploma of Science (Applied Statistics) [PDF 129KB]‌

2018–2019 intakes
Master of Science (Applied Statistics)/ Graduate Diploma of Science (Applied Statistics) [PDF 129KB]


2010–2014 intakes
Master of Science (Astronomy)/ Graduate Diploma of Science (Astronomy) [PDF 130KB]

2015–2019 intakes
Master of Science (Astronomy)/ Graduate Diploma of Science (Astronomy) [PDF 128KB]

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