What is a higher apprenticeship?

A higher apprenticeship is a blended work and study program that includes paid work and an accredited study program, where students upskill and apply future work skills and knowledge to the workplace.

Civil construction pilot program

As part of a pilot, Swinburne Edge’s Learning Design and Innovation (LDI) team designed and launched a higher apprenticeship program to upskill the civil construction sector with industry 4.0 skills.

The higher apprenticeship is funded by the Victorian Government, Apprenticeships Victoria.

The Big Build Higher Apprentices are existing workers within Victoria’s civil construction industry. The work-integrated program is equipping them to become Industry 4.0 change agents and take on more senior management roles.

Swinburne Edge’s innovative higher apprenticeship pilot is designed to bring the next frontier of digital technology skills to the civil construction industry to power Victoria’s $32bn Big Build.

Program highlights

Equip industry 4.0 skills

Students gain innovative technical skills that civil construction organisations need to deliver the next frontier of industry 4.0 technology

Career development

Work-integrated learning gives students a qualification and a pathway to learn critical future work skills in Industry 4.0 for civil construction

Return on investment for companies

Students undertake a major project which investigates a field of Industry 4.0 that can be implemented in their workplace, to drive efficiencies and a return on investment

Who is the program for?

The program is designed for mid-level managers in engineering, project planning and surveying roles within a civil construction organisation that is part of Victoria’s $32bn Big Build. 

The higher apprentices work full-time while undertaking their studies to progress their skills and contribute directly to the future of the industry.

Diploma of Applied Technologies (Civil Construction)

In the work-integrated learning program, students are undertaking a Diploma of Applied Technologies (Civil Construction) and work within the civil construction sector on one of Victoria’s Big Build projects which spans road, rail and major infrastructure projects of significance.

It also opens new doors for employers in civil construction with a customised learning and development solution that:

  • drives new efficiencies and productivity
  • accelerates growth
  • enables the delivery of larger, more complex projects to move Victoria’s Big Build forward.

The Diploma of Applied Technologies (Civil Construction) is a customised 8-unit accredited program that addresses the future needs of the civil construction sector.

Learning from industry-leading academics while working within the sector, students are equipped with the skills, knowledge and understanding to become a change agent and apply industry 4.0 concepts in the workplace.

Units include:

  • Working in industry 4.0
  • BIM Frameworks
  • CAD / CAM and Engineering Materials
  • Introduction to Digital Asset Management
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Engineering Design and Innovation
  • Cyber Physical System Integration
  • Leadership and Change Management.

As part of the course, students have access to on-campus facilities and equipment such as industry 4.0 technology, via the Factory of the Future, to test and learn new approaches to problems facing the industry. 

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