To be effective and deliver the outcomes you need, your course content and learning experiences need to be engaging, innovative and created by experts in instructional design and learning technology.

Learning Design and Innovation (LDI)’s industry-leading team can work with your organisation to create immersive, media-rich content that’s tailored to your audience needs. We collaborate with subject matter experts to ensure your educational materials are accurate, engaging, and meet the compliance requirements of your industry.

LDI creates organisation-specific infographics, training booklets and facilitator guides. We build course content from the ground up to meet both online and face-to-face delivery needs.

Our areas of expertise

Content writing

For learning content to be engaging, it must be written with sound educational principles and work seamlessly with multimedia to describe information efficiently and in a way that learners will be able to recall with ease.

Specialists in educational content

Our instructional designers collaborate with subject matter experts to write educational content that is accurate, engaging and effective.

We can:

  • write new course content or curriculum in collaboration with subject matter experts from industry and Swinburne Networks.
  • work with you to enhance existing written educational content
  • optimise content from face-to-face training materials in engaging eLearning modules to deliver a quality digital learning experience.

Graphic design

Research shows that learners are three times more likely to follow instructions with illustrations and 80 per cent more likely to read surrounding text when illustrations are added.

Visual learning experts

Our graphic designers are experts in the creation of visual content that uses best-practice techniques in design, colour and iconography to describe concepts as effectively as possible. We can create infographics, illustrations, flowcharts and more to describe complex ideas simply.

We optimise our graphic solutions to enhance your subject matter and tailor them to align with your brand and the unique needs of your participants and devices.

eLearning design

eLearning elevates your educational content and takes learner engagement and retention to the next level. Our eLearning designers and rich media specialists can produce an idea you already have in mind, or use their expertise to show you what is possible to convey your information in transformative new ways. 

Examples of eLearning design:

  • accordion-style web elements and flip cards when clicked reveal valuable information
  • card-based knowledge checks where participants need to use drag and drop features in their browser to answer questions
  • static and interactive infographics with clickable icons to learn more about a learning topic
  • visual or text-based formative and summative assessments
  • images and animations that place learners in different scenarios, asking them to apply what they have learned to progress further in the course or unit.
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Storyboarding for courses and eLearning

A learning design or eLearning storyboard is a map or outline that includes how images, text, interactive components and other parts of an online course module fit together. Storyboarding is essential for planning and structuring training to tell a story and build the right skills and knowledge during a course or learning module.

Storyboards are used across our learning design services to elevate the effectiveness of your training and ensure the final product achieves the desired impact. If you have a learning project or course that isn’t getting the results you’re looking for, talk to us about how storyboarding could help.

Why partner with Swinburne?

Customised service

From the first meeting to the delivery of educational products, our team will be there to guide the process and ensure your needs are being met. We believe that the way we treat our clients is reflected in the quality of products that we create.

Tailored solutions

We can create end-to-end learning experiences to meet your learning and development goals, or provide unique solutions to enhance your own learning projects. We can work with a range of learning design technologies and platforms.

A responsive, dedicated team

We’re an extension of you: agile, collaborative and highly responsive. When you work with us, you’ll have a dedicated project manager to keep your projects moving forward.

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