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Swinburne Edge’s Learning Design and Innovation team (LDI) specialises in providing customised eLearning solutions for organisations who want to reach the future – faster. 

What’s eLearning?

eLearning uses written content, graphics and interactive web elements to create an immersive and engaging learning experience.  

It’s a powerful and cost-effective way for large and scaling organisations to deliver professional learning and development. 

Why use eLearning for your training? 

eLearning solutions are:

  • cost-effective, reducing the need for facilitators and rooms 
  • flexible, with learners able to complete their learner anywhere, any time
  • engaging, so information is easier to learn and recall 
  • deliverable at scale in any location.

Why choose Swinburne for eLearning?

Your project, your way

No matter what your needs or which stage you’re at, we can create end-to-end digital learning experiences or customised solutions to support your projects.

Dedicated project managers

We can manage your project from start to finish. Your dedicated project manager looks after the details for your eLearning solution and ensures successful project delivery.

Industry-leading solutions

We bring the latest industry techniques to your project – so your course participants can have an immersive, enjoyable and interactive digital learning experience.

Your digital learning specialists

Our experts:

  • design and develop eLearning modules and digital learning experiences to meet your specific learning goals and business objectives 
  • can transform your paper-based learning into engaging eLearning courses and enhance or create new digital learning content from the ground up
  • create innovative, future-proof eLearning solutions for any Learning Management System (LMS), optimisable for a variety of devices. 

eLearning can be designed for virtual and real-time workshops, self-paced online learning, or for seamless integration into a blended learning format with face-to-face elements for a rich learning experience.

Our areas of expertise

eLearning design

We can design immersive, media-rich eLearning modules, so you can deliver your organisation’s training online. 

Our solutions breathe life into your digital learning experience through embedded multimedia and a range of engaging interactive elements.

eLearning module building

Have an online course already? Our experienced team can build new eLearning modules or revise existing eLearning builds with a previous design. 

We can build eLearning solutions for Articulate, Captivate, Storyline or any Learning Management System (LMS) you need. Not sure which? We’ll help you choose.

SCORM authoring

Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is an international standard for digital learning files used by a range of software. 

We can turn your paper-based materials into a SCORM file, so you can use it with the LMS of your choice.

Digital learning transformation

We can transform your face-to-face program and paper-based training materials into eLearning modules (digital learning uplift), so you get all the benefits of delivering your training online.

Digital learning course and curriculum design

Our team can develop entire digital learning courses and curriculum to help your organisation meet its learning and development goals. 

We can create eLearning or blended delivery content, so you can deliver digital learning when and how it suits your needs.

eLearning features

Our digital learning designers create appealing, immersive and effective online training modules to maximise your workforce’s learning.

We work to design intuitive, responsive eLearning modules – using the latest educational principles and eLearning techniques – to ensure learners stay engaged until the end.

LDI can include a range of embedded multimedia to enhance the learning experience, including text, images, videos, audio, attachments and links.

Interactive elements can include:

  • simple visual designs, such accordions, tables and tabs  
  • animations for processes and timelines
  • strategically placed knowledge checks, such as flashcards, matching and sorting activities, multiple-choice and ‘fill in the blank’ questions to consolidate learning
  • labelled graphics that can reveal information through selecting icons
  • authentic scenarios that immerse participants into industry replicated simulations quizzes and assessment elements with passing scores.

Meeting accessibility guidelines with eLearning solutions is critical to ensure that all your audiences can perceive, understand and navigate information clearly. 

LDI designs and tests learning content that aligns to standards, including the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 to the level required by your organisation. 

We prioritise responsiveness and compatibility with common browsers and platforms – and can work with and recommend other requirements your audience needs for a rich digital learning experience. 

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